SETSS Services

In order to foster flexibility, the NYC Department of Education requested an innovative waiver from the State Education Department to combine Consultant Teacher services and Resource Room into a single hybrid service known as Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS).

When a student with a disability has a demonstrable need for greater support, related to academics or behavior, a special educator may be assigned to help that student individually during the course of the regular school day. SETSS services ultimately help students with disabilities stay in a general education classroom.

The student's IEP must indicate the amount of time that the student will receive Special Education Teacher Support Services, the distribution of the time between direct and indirect services, and the location of services (i.e. the general education classroom or a separate location). When recommending services in the general education classroom, the IEP must indicate the general education classes or subject areas in which the student will receive services.

SETSS services provide specially designed instruction and/or supplementary instruction delivered by a special education teacher through individual and/or small group instruction to provide the student with compensatory skill development and remediation activities. They address the areas of deficit that have been identified for that student and strengthen the student's cognitive skills. SETSS services are provided to address educational needs directly related to the student's disability and not to provide additional academic instruction.