About Us

We Provide High-Quality Special Education Services

Optimal Care Services is a NYSED-approved SEIT service provider and CTLE sponsor. Our agency provides:

  • Special education itinerant services for children ages 2.9 to 5.9
  • Special education teacher support services (SETSS)
  • Pendency
  • Bilingual SEIT services
  • CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education)

Optimal Care Services has been operating in New York City's five boroughs since 2013, providing much needed education, training, and support to families and early childhood centers. As a result, our program has become very familiar with the challenges that schools and families are faced with in navigating the process of acquiring special education services for students who are in dire need of support. Our program has also been a provider of professional development to early childhood centers and universities.

Our team is comprised of multi-lingual former SEIT teachers, BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts), LCSWs (Licensed Clinical Social Workers), experienced SEIT program supervisors/directors, and SEIT agency administrators and personnel with decades of experience working with CPSE and CSE district administrators throughout the 5 boroughs, early childhood programs, low income families, and families with limited English proficiency.

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Our Values

What Drives Us

Explore the core principles that steer our mission to provide exceptional special education services for preschool children:

Inclusive Democracy

Fostering a belief in civic and democratic values and promoting respect, equality, diversity, and a participatory approach to decision-making for all

Ethical Advocacy for Children

A steadfast commitment to ethical behavior on behalf of children, recognizing and respecting their individuality and supporting them as individuals

Collaborative Empowerment

Embracing partnerships and communication with schools and families to nurture a supportive and enriching environment for children's growth and development

Our Mission Statement

Optimal Care Service's mission is to provide the highest quality special education services to students while educating, supporting, and empowering early childhood centers as well as families of children with disabilities. At Optimal Care Services, we believe that all children are capable of learning, achieving, and making developmental progress.

Our services are intended for all children regardless of economic, linguistic, and cultural differences or physical, learning, and emotional challenges. We understand how crucial early childhood education is to the future of children with disabilities and are highly devoted in our mission to using materials and personnel resources to enhance the outlook of the future of our children, their families, and our community.

Our Main Objectives

Connecting high-quality SEITs to early childhood programs

We are committed to providing the highest quality of SEIT services and we aim to do this by:

Ensuring timely acquisition and initiation of high-quality SEIT services, as well as a high level of coordination with all stakeholders

Providing services that are aligned with pre-kindergarten Common Core standards and using the most recent evidence-based best practices in early childhood education

Maintaining a team of well-trained, highly-motivated, and highly-effective special education teachers to facilitate the provision of the highest quality SEIT services

Wisely using our resources to recruit, orient, and train highly efficient teachers and facilitate acquisition of teachers' bilingual extension

Fostering a culture of professionalism, accountability, and efficiency in our partnership with all CPSE administrators

Working collaboratively with parents and early childhood centers by providing them with resources and information to ensure continued appropriate, efficient, and beneficial interactions with their children with disability


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